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Kent Bankruptcy Lawyer

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The City of Kent is located in Washington State and has well over 125,000 residents. It is one of the largest cities in King County, Washington. And, it is a commercial and financial hub of South King County. It is also the sixth largest city in the entire state. Like it’s neighboring city of Renton, Boeing is one of the largest employers of the hardworking citizens of Kent. But, like a lot of King County's smaller working-class cities, Kent has been hit hard economically in recent years.

Many of our South King County friends and neighbors are struggling mightily just to put food on the table and keep a roof over their family's heads. Many have also fallen behind on their car payments, credit card debts, and other bills. During these difficult financial times, our Kent bankruptcy attorneys have helped numerous people wipe out their debts and get the fresh financial start that is their legal right.

Bankruptcy isn't the right solution for everyone. If you live in Kent, however, and find that you are working harder and harder only to fall further behind every month, you might want to think about whether or not it's time to strongly consider seeking the protection provided by our Federal and Washington State bankruptcy laws. The people to whom you owe money want you to think bankruptcy equals failure. Our bankruptcy lawyers want you to know that is a bunch of baloney!

Here's the straight up truth. Your creditors don't want you to even consider filing for bankruptcy because they know that if call our Kent bankruptcy services' offices and can qualify, the chances of them ever seeing another dime of your hard-earned cash is virtually zero. We tell all of our Kent bankruptcy clients who have made the decision to retain our law firm to simply stop paying their qualifying creditors and to use this extra monthly cash flow to get current on their most important bills.

There is no shame in filing for bankruptcy. Our Kent bankruptcy lawyers understand that bad things happen to good people all the time. Many of our Washington State bankruptcy clients suddenly finds themselves in financial desperation through no fault of their own. Whether it's divorce, death, loss of employment, being forced to care for an elderly parent, facing an unforeseen medical emergency, or a host of other life events that often hit without warning, bankruptcy is intended to be a life preserver when people suddenly find themselves thrown into rough financial seas without warning.

If you can qualify, taking advantage of our bankruptcy laws is your legal right. Here's the thing that many people do not understand. When people and families are struggling every month while falling further behind on their bills, no one benefits. They become a drag on the economy and often require more and more government assistance. Bankruptcy enables these honest and hard-working people to hit the financial reset button and become productive consumers again. This actually benefits everyone.

Why Bankruptcy in Kent, Washington?

Because a lot of Kent residents are struggling to support their families, bankruptcy is a financial option that many people in Kent choose to once a again get a firm footing financially. Filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Kent can wipe out or reduce unmanageable debts that threaten to overwhelm individuals, can cause economic havoc, and threaten the financial stability of their family.

Bankruptcy is one of the most powerful financial tools on the planet. It can do all of the following:
  • Save Your Home from Foreclosure!
  • Stop Garnishments and Lawsuits!
  • Stop Repossession Actions!
  • Stop Collection Calls and Creditor Harassment!
  • Wipe Out ALL Credit Card Debts!
  • Eliminate ALL Medical Debts and Hospital Bills.
  • Get Rid of Debt You Can No Longer Afford.

Many people wait too long before they decide to file bankruptcy. The problem could maintain an unrealistic hope that something will suddenly change or the stress of having to think about a hopeless situation. Many people don’t know what bankruptcy can do and feel guilty about not being able to pay debts.

If you are being hounded by creditors or find yourself in a situation where you are making credit card charges every month just to keep up with bills, you should seriously look at bankruptcy. Bankruptcy laws are there to provide a fresh start to someone who is honest but simply got over their head. The second you file a bankruptcy all debt collection stop. This includes nasty phone calls, foreclosures, repossessions, law suits, placing a lien on your property, garnishments – all debt collection. Just knowing what your rights are will help you immediately improve your cash flow and help you sleep better at night.

Other options, while they may get you out of trouble for the moment, may not be nearly as beneficial and permanent a solution as bankruptcy. Bankruptcy allows you to keep your retirement plan. You can protect home equity in bankruptcy. Cashing out a 401K or taking out a home equity loan may not solve the problem and could lead to lead to more financial troubles down the road. More importantly, when you file for bankruptcy, we can fully protection your 401K, pension plan, and other retirement accounts. Our Kent bankruptcy lawyers can also preserve up to $125,000 of equity in your house.

You owe it to yourself to find out if can qualify for bankruptcy protection and relief. Many of our Kent bankruptcy clients are surprised to learn how easy it is to qualify. They are also relieved to learn that they will never have to pay their credit card bills again, as well as many other debts. They are also surprised to learn that they can also probably keep 100% of their property and possessions.

The bankruptcy code has many "exemptions" that enable people to protect their personal property and assets. This enables them to pass this property through their bankruptcy and retain them on the other side once they receive their formal discharge. This is part of the true power of bankruptcy.

A good Kent bankruptcy lawyer knows how to maximize their clients' relief and protection under the Bankruptcy Code. Our Kent debt relief attorneys are skilled and aggressive advocates for all of our personal bankruptcy clients. And, we want you to understand your legal rights and options when it comes to filing for bankruptcy. Get the help, answers, and information you need today!

Give us a call today for a free, no obligation initial consultation.

The only thing you have to lose are your debts!

The City of Kent

Kent lies at the crux of the so-called Seattle-Tacoma metroplex due to its unique location, which is exactly nineteen miles from both Seattle and Northeast Tacoma. With a "massive" population of 793, the City of Kent was actually incorporated back in 1890. It was the early 1860s when settlers first laid down roots in the Kent area along what was then known as the White River. Back then, Kent was actually known as Titusville.

Hops became a major crop and source of revenue for the Kent region during the 1880s, in part due to a massive aphid invasion that devastated the hops crops throughout Western Europe during this period. Interestingly, Kent is also one of the oldest cities in King County, second only to Seattle. In the first half of the 20th century, the Kent region became known for dairy and other farming industries. It was a thriving agricultural area for decades until Boeing built its first industrial complex there in about 1965. Since that time, numerous other aerospace and high-tech companies have built facilities in Kent too.

Out of its humble agricultural beginnings, Kent is now a thriving city where numerous large companies are headquartered. This is evidenced by simply visiting Kent's Chamber of Commerce page. Kent now even has its own pro sports team, which happened back in 2009 when the ShoWare Center opened and the Seattle Thunderbirds began playing there.

Despite it's phenomenal growth and resulting economic diversity over the last 50 years, however, many of Kent's blue collar and working class roots remain. And, the citizens of Kent are widely regarded as among the hardest working folks in King County. Like a lot of working-class cities though, Kent has been hit hard economically in recent times. And, many of its citizens have needed to seek bankruptcy protection and relief.

The idea of bankruptcy is to give a person a final solution and let creditors know where they stand while allowing the debtor the ability to keep enough property to maintain dignity, to take care of their family, to plan for the future, and to feel motivated to continue being a productive worker.

Without bankruptcy, people may drop out of the mainstream work force, stop participating in the consumer marketplace, fail to provide for their children’s education all while not being able to pay their debts anyway, or if they do, they may only pay the most aggressive and unfair creditor. Bankruptcy also provides a way for creditors to share equally if there is any money to pay at least some of the debt in bankruptcy.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Kent, Washington

Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can be a life changing experience. It should not be considered a failure. You have a right to file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy once every 8 years. Due to unforeseen financial problems, the federal government created the U.S. Bankruptcy Code to provide debt relief for people who can no longer reasonable afford to pay their contractually obligated debts.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is the most frequently filed bankruptcy. It discharges (wipes out) most unsecured debts. Some of the most common unsecured debts are credit cards and medical bills. So long as these debts are incurred before your bankruptcy petition is filed and the debt was not obtained fraudulently, these types of debts are almost always completely wiped out in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

What is an unsecured debt? An unsecured debt is a not that has no collateral attached to it. Payday loans, residual debts from car loan repossessions and mortgages due to foreclosure are other unsecured debts commonly discharged in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Old income tax debt can be discharged in bankruptcy under certain circumstances. Student loans, while also unsecured, are usually not discharged in bankruptcy.

A good Kent bankruptcy attorney knows how to determine whether or not filing for bankruptcy is your best option. They also know how to help you plan for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and how to best help you protect your assets when your bankruptcy petition is filed.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Kent, Washington

If your household income is higher than average, you may not qualify for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. However, you still may have the option to file Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to discharge a significant portion of your unsecured debts.

A “Means Test” is applied to determine whether or not you qualify for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and if you do not qualify, your minimum monthly payment to unsecured creditors in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Our experienced Kent bankruptcy lawyers can provide you with a detailed Means Test analysis for a low flat fee, if this is what is required to determine your eligibility.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can also “cramdown” car loans, thereby lowering the car loan balance to the fair market value of the vehicle. The car loan must be at least 910 days old to do so. The interest rate on the car loan can also be lowered.

In some instances, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can also strip and discharge a second mortgage on a debtor’s primarily residence. This is a complex legal process involving an adversary proceeding against your second mortgage company. Our experienced Washington State and King County bankruptcy lawyers can provide you with a free consultation to determine whether this is possible for you.

Do I Have to Go to Court if I File for Bankruptcy?

Yes, filing for bankruptcy, both Chapter 7 and 13, requires one court appearance called the “Meeting of the Creditors.” Your attorney will appear with you at this hearing. You will appear before a bankruptcy trustee, not a judge, and verify that all financial information in your bankruptcy petition is correct. You must bring a picture ID and verification of your social security number to this hearing.

The Meeting of the Creditors usually only lasts for a few months and is not stressful so long as your bankruptcy petition was filed with complete accuracy. Pursuant to local bankruptcy court rules, the hearing must be scheduled within 35 days of filing your bankruptcy petition. Creditors rarely appear at this hearing, though this is their opportunity to appear.

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We are Kent, WA bankruptcy lawyers and Washington State debt relief attorneys. If your Kent, Washington home is facing foreclosure or you are coming up short every month and feeling overwhelmed by debt, our personal bankruptcy attorneys are here to help.

What is Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is defined as a legally declared inability or impairment of ability of an individual or organization to pay its creditors. There are several types of bankruptcy relief under the U.S. Bankruptcy code to eliminate or lessen an individual’s legal obligation to its creditors.

A voluntary bankruptcy petition can be filed by individual to stop collection and legal action and discharge (wipe out) most or all of a person’s debt and lower and reorganize debt that is not dischargeable into more affordable payments.

How Can Bankruptcy Help?

Filing for bankruptcy can help individuals and families financially in many different ways including:

1. Discharging Debts -

  • A Kent bankruptcy completely wipes out all qualifying unsecured creditors.
  • Stop all harassing phone calls immediately!

Discharging (wiping out) credit cards, medical bills, loan deficiencies from car and other property repossessions, broken leases, payday loans, foreclosure deficiencies, and all other qualifying unsecured debts is undoubtedly one of bankruptcy's greatest powers. This is clearly one of the primary benefits of seeking protection under the Federal and Washington State bankruptcy laws.

Bankruptcy will completely wipe out all of these debts. You will NEVER have to pay another penny on them, and your creditors will automatically be forced to stop calling and harassing you at all hours of the day and night.

2. Prevents a Home Foreclosure.

A Kent bankruptcy can stop your home's foreclosure.

This is another one of the Bankruptcy Code's most powerful tools. If can qualify, and choose to file a Kent, WA bankruptcy, it will stop any pending foreclosure action dead in its tracks. At a minimum, this will give you and your family some breathing room. In order to keep you home, however, you must be able to make your monthly mortgage payment.

But, by also freeing up immediate monthly cash flow (e.g. money that you are no longer paying to credit credit companies or other unsecured creditors), a WA State bankruptcy may put you in a position to be able to get caught up on your mortgage and keep your home.

The bottom line is that our bankruptcy lawyers can immediately stop a scheduled foreclosure sale, and give you time to catch your breath. This may also give you critical time to try and get your mortgage modified, which will also hopefully allow you to keep your home.

3. Stop all Harassing Phone Calls Immediately.

This is another one of the Bankruptcy Code's most powerful protections. If you file for bankruptcy, your creditors are legally required to stop calling and harassing you. This means that you no longer have to live in fear of your phone ringing. And, our bankruptcy lawyers will help ensure that your creditors get off your back. It's the law.

4. Helping with Car Loans.

For many of our Kent bankruptcy clients, we are able to get their car loan payments lowered or restructured. In some cases, depending on how long you have owned your vehicle, we may also be able to actually lower the current balance of our loan or your interest rate.

Lowering and restructuring car loan payments and in some cases, lowering the balances and interest rates.

5. Addressing Issues with the IRS.

In certain situations, our Kent bankruptcy lawyers can help lower your IRS and other tax payments, as well as lower your interest rate. The issue of back taxes can be a complicated one. We're here to help you understand your legal rights and options.

In certain instances, however, with tax debts that are more than three years old, our Kent bankruptcy attorneys can successfully have these obligations completely discharged so that you will never have to pay them.

6. Help with Student Loans.

In general, student loans are not dischargeable in a Kent bankruptcy. In many cases, however, filing for bankruptcy can help clients with student loans. For example, depending on which type of bankruptcy is best for you, you may be able to significantly lower you monthly payments for up to five years.

7. Consolidate your Debts in a Kent Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

For our Kent bankruptcy clients with higher incomes, filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy acts as a type of consolidation plan that is based on your specific income. The enables you to lower your monthly payments on unsecured debts to one that you can afford.

If you have questions about whether or not you can qualify for bankruptcy, particularly if you earn well above the Washington median income, we invite you to call our offices for an initial consultation. Many people erroneously believe that their income will prevent them from qualifying for bankruptcy protection.

Many of these people, however, can qualify and would greatly benefit by filing for bankruptcy. When you call our Kent bankruptcy offices, one of our debt relief attorneys can review your finances in detail and then fully explain your options.

9. Frees Up Immediate Cash Flow.

As noted above, filing for bankruptcy will almost always immediately free up monthly cash flow. This is because you will no longer be paying unsecured creditors every month. The money that you are now paying on credit card bills, medical bills, judgments, Pay Day loans, etc. will now be available for rent, gas, groceries and other living necessities instead to your creditors.

10. Stops Wage Garnishments.

If you are currently subject to a wage garnishment, our Kent bankruptcy lawyers will be able to immediately stop it at the time of your filing. In some situations, we can even have some of the money that was garnished returned to you.

Experienced Washington State bankruptcy attorneys fighting to protect you and your family.

How do the new bankruptcy laws affect filing a Kent, WA bankruptcy?

Can I still qualify for bankruptcy? What will happen to all of my property?

Get real help, answers, and information from a Kent bankruptcy lawyer today!

You have probably heard about the sweeping changes to the bankruptcy laws made by Congress back in 2005. Even though its been well over ten years now since our bankruptcy laws were radically changed, there is still a lot of confusion out there regarding whether or not many people can still qualify.

Many people heard exaggerations in the media and concluded that bankruptcy was no longer available, or that credit card debt can no longer be wiped out. This is totally false, though the new bankruptcy laws do make the process more cumbersome and do make some standards stricter, we are still finding that the overwhelming majority of people in financial crisis still qualify for protection and debt relief. Our Kent bankruptcy lawyers are also extremely familiar with these new laws, and we will make both the qualification, as well as the actual bankruptcy process, as smooth as possible.

Probably the biggest change was the addition of a new form in bankruptcy cases to determine whether people are abusing the system. This form is called the “means test”. It is designed to measure your income against a fairly strict set of standard expenses (for things like gas, food, clothes and rent) and some real-world expenses (such as child support, tax repayment, car loans and mortgages).

If your household makes below the median income, then you don’t have to go through the means test.

As always, you can also pay off car loans, get caught up on mortgages, pay taxes and child support – any kind of debt – in a Chapter 13. It was always the case that you had to file a Chapter 13 if the bankruptcy court determined that you would abuse the system in a Chapter 7, it’s just that the means test determines whether such abuse is presumed – making it much easier for the trustee or a creditor to challenge your case.

Another change is a new requirement for you to take two classes to complete your bankruptcy. The first class is a credit counselling class. This class only lasts about two hours and can be done over the internet. It is designed to help you identify possible alternatives to bankruptcy. Your case will be dismissed if you don’t take this class within 180 days of filing your case.

The other class is called a debtor education class. This is also a two hour on line class and it is designed to help you make better consumer decisions in the future. You have to take this class within 45 days of your meeting of creditors or you will not receive a discharge.

The new law also requires you to provide certain documents to the trustee in your case. Before your meeting of creditors, you need to show the trustee pay stubs going back 60 days before you filed your case, your last filed tax return and bank statements showing your balance the day you filed your case. The trustee will not hold your meeting of creditors if you don’t provide them and your case will be dismissed.

There are several other changes in the law. There are new standards for reaffirmation agreements – which are agreements to pay a debt that would otherwise be discharged but you may still want to pay, such as a car loan.

There have been some changes to what kind of debt can be discharged, though the most common ones – medical bills, credit cards, payday loans, for example – can still be wiped out. The law imposes more burdens on attorneys to make sure people who file bankruptcy are honest.

Overall, the process is fairly simple and still available to most people. You should contact an attorney for an explanation of your right to a fresh start in bankruptcy. Our Kent bankruptcy lawyers offer a free initial consultation to help you figure out just what your rights are.

Can I qualify for a Washington State bankruptcy?

Information on Washington State's bankruptcy qualification requirements.

Who Can File for Bankruptcy?

Most any U.S. citizen or legal resident can file for some type of consumer bankruptcy relief under the U.S. bankruptcy code so long as the individual has not filed a consumer bankruptcy petition less than 4 years where they received a discharge of their debts.

Who Decides If I qualify for Bankruptcy?

A bankruptcy judge does not decide whether one person is virtuous enough and another is not to qualify for bankruptcy relief. For the most part, qualifying for bankruptcy debt relief is determined by the income and expense requirements under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. The types of debts that are discharged are also listed in the bankruptcy code, as well as the property a bankruptcy filer is allowed to keep. An experienced attorney from our law firm can discuss your financial issues with you and properly advise you whether you qualify for bankruptcy, the amount and types of your debts that can be discharged, and the property of yours that you can keep.

What happens to my credit after I file for bankruptcy? Will I be able to buy a car or a home?

Get information and answers from a Kent bankruptcy attorney.

Many of our Kent bankruptcy clients have questions about what will happen to their credit after they file. They wonder if they will still be able to get credit, buy a car, or buy a home after filing. As you will learn during your initial consultation with one of our personal consumer bankruptcy lawyers, this is one of bankruptcy's greatest myths.

What happens to my credit after filing a Kent, WA bankruptcy? Does Bankruptcy Ruin my Credit?

No, it is a myth and misconception that your credit will be ruined by filing for bankruptcy. First of all, if you are filing for bankruptcy, your credit is probably shot already. Bankruptcy enables you to make a clean financial break from your creditors and start rebuilding your credit as soon as you receive your discharge.

Also, because most, if not all of your debt is wiped out by filing for bankruptcy, most people find that it is easier to have credit extended to them in the years immediately following filing bankruptcy. Of course, every case and situation is unique. But, with careful financial planning, many of our Washington State and Kent bankruptcy find that their credit scores have improved significantly within 6 months after filing for bankruptcy.

Can a Get a Car Loan After Filing for Bankruptcy?

Many automobile finance companies can qualify a bankruptcy filer for a new car loan within 30 days after filing for bankruptcy because they are no longer obligated to pay their debts listed in their bankruptcy petition and have more income freed up to afford a new car loan.

Still, one must apply for new credit after filing for bankruptcy with caution and look carefully at one’s income and expenses to make sure the new loan is affordable and will not be a new financial burden. You also need to pay very close attention to the interest rates being offered to you. There are many predatory lenders out there that will try to take advantage of you after filing.

Can a Home Loan or Mortgage After Filing for Bankruptcy?

In many cases, with carefully financial planning, bankruptcy filers can also qualify for mortgages and purchase homes within 2 years after filing for bankruptcy because their creditor scores have improved and they have more disposable income to afford a home loan. Speaking with an experienced mortgage broker can help you plan to purchase a loan after bankruptcy.

Here's the bottom line, every client and every situation is unique. If you are searching for answers on this site, you and your family are probably facing some very difficult and desperate financial times. Our Kent bankruptcy lawyers want you to know that help and relief is available if you qualify.

Our debt relief professionals want you to know that knowledge is power, and we're here to help. Call now for real information and answers about whether or not you can qualify and how filing for bankruptcy just might be the financial miracle that can help you get back on firm footing when it comes your monthly cash flow and family finances.

Client Reviews
Erin Lane is the best attorney I have met by far! I came to her during a very difficult time in my life. I was needing to file a bankruptcy. She was very kind, non-intimidating, and well-understood. She actually came across like a good friend. To this day I still remember and appreciate her (no-stressing approach) I deem Erin qualified for any position having to do with her knowledge in these types of legal matters! Keith D Wilson