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Medical Bills in Seattle

Eliminate your medical bills with help from our Seattle bankruptcy attorneys

The majority of bankruptcy cases in the United States are the direct result of insurmountable medical bills. Even worse, the number-two most common reason for bankruptcy is reduced income, which usually accompanies medical problems because of missing work due to illness or injury. Even if you have health insurance, high deductibles or copays can result in tens of thousands of dollars in medical bill debt, leaving many people without the means to make the necessary monthly payments.

If you're facing a mountain of medical bills, contact one of our Seattle bankruptcy lawyers for a free consultation and discuss your options. You may feel you owe a debt of gratitude to your doctor or health care provider for your recovery, but it's also important to acknowledge your financial health so that you and your family can get back on your feet.

Filing for bankruptcy can help you financially by wiping out medical bills
  • Medical debt is always dischargeable in bankruptcy because it is a general unsecured debt
  • In Washington State, there is no classification for a "medical bankruptcy," but most bankruptcies are the result of medical debt
  • Many larger hospitals will continue to treat you after a discharge of medical debt, but smaller ones may not
  • If your medical debt was the result of an injury, and you can sue the party who caused the injury, you need to reveal this information

Some things in life are simply out of your control. An accident or health issue certainly qualifies. Even the most responsible, hard working person with perfect credit can suddenly find themselves with a pile of medical bills and no hope of every being able to pay them off. If this situation applies to you, contact one of our King County bankruptcy lawyers and find out how you can wipe out your medical bills for good.

Filing for bankruptcy in Washington State is never a reason to feel embarrassed. The federal government drafted bankruptcy laws so that people who have fallen on hard times can once again become active players in our economy. Indeed, bankruptcy is an opportunity to hit the financial reset button.

Medical debt resulting from injury, lawsuits, and you

If you incurred medical debt because of some accident, and you can sue the guilty party for damages, this is considered an asset in bankruptcy cases. You must fully and accurately disclose all of this information to your trustee. Failure to do so could result in being charged with bankruptcy fraud. If any of this applies to you be sure to go over the details with your bankruptcy lawyer in Seattle.

Consider your future medical care

If you particularly like your doctor and your debt to them is ultimately discharged, you can choose to pay them voluntarily at a later date. However, the trustee can recover that money within 90 days if the amount is over $600, so you may want to wait.

Most large clinics, hospitals, doctors, and other medical facilities will treat you even after your debt to them has been discharged. Smaller doctor's and dentist's offices may not. If this is worrisome for you because of your medical condition you may want to talk to your doctor before filing for bankruptcy.

Contact our Seattle medical bill debt relief attorneys for a free consultation

If medical bills have got you down, our Seattle bankruptcy attorneys can help you get back on your feet financially. Contact our office today and find out more about how we can help.

Client Reviews
Erin Lane is the best attorney I have met by far! I came to her during a very difficult time in my life. I was needing to file a bankruptcy. She was very kind, non-intimidating, and well-understood. She actually came across like a good friend. To this day I still remember and appreciate her (no-stressing approach) I deem Erin qualified for any position having to do with her knowledge in these types of legal matters! Keith D Wilson