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Everett Bankruptcy Lawyers

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Everett bankruptcy attorneys serving all of Snohomish County, Washington and the Greater Puget Sound Region.

Our Everett bankruptcy lawyers serve debt relief clients throughout Snohomish County.  Bankruptcy is a powerful debt relief tool.  And, if you qualify, filing for bankruptcy is your legal right.  Imagine what it might be like to never pay your credit card bills again.  Imagine what it might be like to not be hounded by the nasty credit card companies and debt collectors day and night.

We offer a free initial consultation and case evaluation because we want you to know and to understand your legal rights.  Filing for bankruptcy is not the solution for everyone.  If you live in Washington State, however, and you can qualify, it might just be magic solution for which you have been looking.  Over the years, our Snohomish County bankruptcy lawyers have helped numerous Washingtonians take back their financial freedom and independence.

What happens to my creditors when I retain an attorney and file for bankruptcy?

How does a Washington bankruptcy protect me?

Your legal bankruptcy protection doesn’t start until you actually file a case. The second you file, all collection activity stops dead in its tracks – lawsuits and garnishments, foreclosures, repossessions, phone calls all end immediately.  One of our Everett bankruptcy lawyers will explain all of this in detail during your free initial consultation.  In essence, however, once your bankruptcy petition is filed, all bets are off.  All debt collection and harassing phone calls must immediately cease.  That's the law!

The instant you file, the "automatic stay" is put in place.  This is one of the Bankruptcy Code's most powerful and important law.  One your automatic state is put into place, it's a whole new ball game.  You creditors now have to deal with the bankruptcy court to see if they are going to get paid anything. Most creditors will ultimately be “discharged” – they simply won’t get paid.

The “discharge” is the final court order in your bankruptcy. This is true whether you file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  It’s an injunction that prohibits creditors from trying to collect from you ever again. Some debt cannot be discharged – examples include alimony and child support, student loans and taxes. Liens survive bankruptcy. (Liens give creditors a right to repossess property if you don’t pay, as with car loans or mortgages). In some cases, liens can be removed without payment or with a lower payment. 

If you have questions about this kind of debt relief protection, you should discuss this option with an experienced Everett bankruptcy attorney. Though you don’t receive official bankruptcy court protection until you actually file your case, when you hire our law office, we can immediately help you with your creditors. We will tell your creditors that you have hired us and that you will be filing bankruptcy soon. 

They have little reason to continue trying to collect the debt if you are going to file bankruptcy before they succeed. Debt collection can be a costly and frustrating process for them and they would rather move on to accounts that are likely to pay than waste time with someone who is on the eve of filing a bankruptcy.

Debt collection can be very competitive for creditors too. If you cannot pay your debt or can only pay part of it, naturally your creditors will compete with each other to get the most they can. Bankruptcy lets your creditors, especially your unsecured creditors, know once and for all whether they will get paid. Most do not receive anything but in some Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases and in some Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases, they get their fair share of whatever is available. 

In a Chapter 7, they might be able to share some money if you have property that will be sold. In most Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings, this is not the case. In a Chapter 13, creditors get a fair share of the debt based on what you can afford to pay through a repayment plan. Whether you end of paying nothing or just part of your debt, the part you do not pay is discharged.  In order to determine what, if anything, your creditors might receive, a detailed financial analysis is performed by one of our Snohomish County bankruptcy lawyers.

When a debt is discharged, a creditors simply must accept they won’t get paid. They figure in this risk as a cost of doing business. The interest they charge covers the risks they take. A bankruptcy at least lets them share fairly if any money is available and lets them know for sure what the status of their accounts are. 

In this way, bankruptcy not only provides relief for people who are facing financial hardship, it allows for an orderly way of dealing with the situation and provides some finality to the situation and lets creditors move on to dealing with accounts they can collect. 

Our Everett bankruptcy attorneys help hundreds of Washington bankruptcy clients wipe out millions of dollars every year.  If you are behind or in arrears on your mortgage payments, we may be able to help you save you home from foreclosure and auction.  We handle all Everett Chapter 7 bankruptcy and all Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases.

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Bankruptcy attorneys serving Everett, Washington

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Why File for Bankruptcy in Everett?

Everett is the largest city in Snohomish County with a population of over 100,000 hard working people.  With the economic downturn, many people in Everett have experienced financial hardships such as job losses and reduction in work hours and pay.

Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy has helped many Everett residents keep their house, stave off creditors and restore their financial situation to a manageable state.  Many of our Everett clients are Boeing employees who lost their jobs or had their work hours reduced during the recession.

Filing for bankruptcy in Everett, Washington can stop garnishments, creditor harassment, collections, foreclosures, wipe out credit cards debts, medical debts and give families and individuals a fresh financial start.  For people who live in Snohomish County and who file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, they are required to attend one hearing on downtown Everett.

This hearing is called the Meeting of the Creditors, though creditors rarely appear. It is a brief hearing that usually lasts no more than a few minutes.  The majority of bankruptcy attorneys in Snohomish County practice in downtown Everett.  Our law firm is located in the heart of downtown Everett, about 2 blocks from the Snohomish County Courthouse.

Our Everett, Washington bankruptcy lawyers want you to understand that you have very important legal rights and debt relief options.  If you qualify, a Washington State bankruptcy may very well be your best option.  Stop living in fear of your phone ringing and give us a call to learn more about our low flat fees and flexible payment options. 

If you qualify for bankruptcy and retain our services, we will work with you on payment plan that is affordable and fits within your budget.  During your initial consultation, one of our debt relief lawyers will review your entire financial situation and help determine if filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy relief or Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection is your best financial option.

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Toll Free Statewide:  (855) 923-3283

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How can an Everett bankruptcy help me keep my car or vehicle?
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Having a car repossessed can be a catastrophe for anyone.  In most situations, however, a repossession does not come out of nowhere.  Bankruptcy can help but it is important that you plan your bankruptcy well in advance.  Bankruptcy requires that you collect the necessary fees and paperwork in order to file a case that is not going to run into trouble down the road.  A car finance company will usually not repossess a car until you have missed a few payments and will contact you first.  

But, if you find yourself running out of options and facing imminent repossession of your vehicle, our Everett bankruptcy lawyers can handle this scenario too. Though it is possible to get a car that has been repossessed recently back after filing a bankruptcy, it is not guaranteed and you will probably be responsible for repo and storage fees.  Cars that have been repossessed and returned after bankruptcy are often damaged and valuables are missing.  Again, the important thing is to plan a bankruptcy before an emergency occurs. Our debt relief lawyers can help on multiple fronts when it comes to repossessions, but only if you reach out to us in time.

Here's the good news though.  The Federal and Washington State bankruptcy laws are among the most powerful financial laws in the country.  And, when it comes to repossessing personal property and homes, the bankruptcy laws are your best friend in many cases.  Filing for bankruptcy will stop nearly every kind of repossession dead in its tracks, at least temporarily.  This can often provide critical breathing room.  Let our Everett bankruptcy lawyers help you avoid the headache of having to try and get repossessed property back. Trust us, it's no fun!  Call now for a free, no obligation initial consultation and financial analysis.

Listen, our bankruptcy attorneys understand.  Dealing with financial problems is never fun or easy.  And, it is not unusual to put off the decision to file bankruptcy.  The vast majority of our Snohomish County bankruptcy clients want to avoid it at all costs.  At some point, however, nearly all of our Everett debt relief clients face a critical crossroads.  Continue to spiral out of control, or take control.  The bankruptcy laws were specifically enacted to help good people who are financially struggling get back on their feet.

We cannot stress this point enough.  The earlier you get our bankruptcy lawyers involved, the better.  But, even if you have waited too long, filing for bankruptcy will still help in almost every critical way when it comes to your unsecured debts and your monthly cash flow.  But, if you can, prepare yourself in advance and get with one of our Everett bankruptcy attorneys BEFORE you are barely hanging on by a thread.  This is when bad things happens.  

Bankruptcy stops all debt collection and will improve your cash flow and may give you a chance to catch up on your car payment.

A Chapter 7 does not offer a long term solution for repossession other than allowing you the breathing space to catch up on car payments.  If you are behind on car payments, a car company can get court permission to repossess your car in as little as a month.  The car company will want you to sign a reaffirmation agreement which puts you on the hook for the loan despite the bankruptcy discharge.  

If you have fallen behind on car payments, you need to be very careful about signing the reaffirmation because if you do and the car is repossessed after bankruptcy, you may owe a car deficiency – the difference between what the car received at auction and the outstanding balance on the car loan.  If you do not sign the reaffirmation agreement the car deficiency is wiped out by the discharge but the car company may repossess your car even if you are current on the loan. 

If you have questions about your car or vehicle and Chapter 7 bankruptcy, we encourage you give a shout out to our Snohomish County debt relief offices.  One of our Everett Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers will be more than happy to review all of your options, as well as explain how we can help.

A Chapter 13 allows you to keep the car and restructure the loan in a five year repayment plan.  You can reduce the amount you pay to the cars value if you purchased the car over two and a half years ago or the loan was refinanced.  You can get relief on high interest car loans and spread payments over five years, which can significantly lower your monthly car payment.  

As long as you continue to make payments through your Chapter 13 plan and you keep the car fully insured, the car is protected from the creditors.  If you successfully complete the plan, you get the title of the car regardless of how much you paid.  Car leases are treated differently in a Chapter 13.  You may have to make the lease payment directly with no relief on payment amounts.

If you have questions about your car or vehicle and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, we encourage you to ring our Snohomish County debt relief offices, or simply send us an email inquiry with your questions.  One of our Everett Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyers will be more than happy to review all of your options, as well as explain how we can help.